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Thanks to good winter rains, the Akamas peninsula is looking more spectacular than ever – all the more reason to celebrate the early spring with a trail running festival through this natural wonderland.
The festival will be held on Sunday February 12 at 10 am, starting and finishing at the Baths of Aphrodite restaurant.

The main race will follow recognised trails along a circular route of 21km. There will also be a shorter race of about 7km for those not wanting to stretch their legs quite that far.

The event is supported by the enthusiastic runners from the greater Paphos area, who will be helping mark out the route, manning the checkpoints and assisting at the finish line.

To enjoy the festival to the full, we suggest that runners stay the weekend in the area and enjoy its vast array of natural delights.

By mid-February the spring blossoms will be out and the Akamas will be at its beautiful best. Let us celebrate this amazing natural wonderland before it is scarred by over-zealous developers.

Starting time will be 10am with registration at the Baths of Aphrodite restaurant from 8.30am
Entry fees: 15 euros for the longer race (Race A), 5 euros for the shorter one (Race B).
There will be one checkpoint/refreshment point at about the midway point for those tackling Race A, where Coke, water, oranges, bananas and biscuits will be available.
All runners MUST carry a working mobile phone, and are advised to carry at least one litre of water – more if it is a warm day.
There will be prizes for the winners and all those completing Race A and Race B will receive an attractive finishers’ award.

Event info

The Baths of Aphrodite restaurant, Akamas, Paphos

Registration info

Not available more. Finished: 2017-02-10
Online, You can be registered in race day!
Additional information
Registration at the Baths of Aphrodite restaurant from 8.30am to 9.30am
Medical certificate
not reqiured

Races info


Race A - 21k

Visit race page
Start time:
2017-02-12 @ 10:00
Timing without chip
Not available more. Finished: 2017-02-12
15.00 EUR



Race B - 7k

Visit race page
Start time:
2017-02-12 @ 10:00
Timing without chip
Not available more. Finished: 2017-02-12
5.00 EUR



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  1. sevlad 2017-02-13 at 11:08 - Reply

    Full results:

    1 Davis Dislers 1:37:31
    2 Chris Moss 1:44:01
    3 Eugenio Jimeno 1:48:03
    4 Simon Rogers 1:49:58
    5 Michalis Karatzis 1:51:01
    6 Rastislav Skuben 1:53:33
    7 Emil Penciak 2:08:19
    8 Sergii Semesko 2:09:27
    9 Christos Afxentiou, Angelos Savva 2:09:38
    11 Christos Koulas 2:11:16
    12 Marian Constantin, David Simpson 2:13:10
    14 Alexander Tarasov 2:13:41
    15 Jan Kocian 2:15:55
    16 Andreas Koudounas 2:22:01
    17 Kilian Lopez Riesco 2:24:22
    18 Sergey Lysionok 2:25:48
    19 Michael Chambers 2:26:04
    20 Juraj Bican 2:32:22
    21 Natalie Christopher (F) 2:39:12
    22 Christos Yiapanis 2:50:12
    23 Kyriaki Anastasiou (F) 2:55:30
    24 Marios Macrury 2:55:31
    25 Marios Siailis 2:56:31
    26 Nicolas Macrury 3:00:27
    27 Sofia Matsi (F) 3:03:27
    28 Constantinos Charalambous 3:04:11
    29 Svetlana Golobokova (F) 3:04:12
    30 Andrey Golobokov 3:04:13
    31 Alexandra Olteanu (F), Andreas Phylactou 3:06:10

    1 Sandra Grozberga (F) 48:39
    2 Simos Kitiris 51:06
    3 George Harakis, Christos Leonidou 52:04
    5 Nic Sutherland 55:11
    6 Harvey Bell 56:25
    7 Tatyana Cheban (F) 1:07:30
    8 Georgios Fantousi 1:07:39
    9 Ita Brenta (F) 1:08:38
    10 Francois Brenta 1:08:58
    11 Mateo Brenta (Junior – 12) 1:13:30
    12 Janet Sutherland 1:13:31
    13 Alan Lovejoy 1:16:12
    14 Tanya S. (F) 1:18:10
    15 Ivana Brenta (F) 1:18:45
    16 Maria Tsoukka (F) 1:22:38
    17 Gabriela Kyriakou (F) 1:30:48

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