About Runbis 2016-11-04T20:46:54+00:00

Year before I faced a problem – it was really hard to find out the sporting events, which I was interested in. At times it is really hard or even not possible at all to find the specific information about the route, the cost of participation or age restrictions.

I have decided to gather all the info in one place and create the website for everybody who wants to participate in any sporting events in Cyprus.

The target of my site is sharing information about events and competitions on Cyprus for all both locals and guest of island.

Also I’ll try to create and share the links for Strava / Garmin routes for all competitions where it makes sense. If someone tells me how to import Strava routes to Garmin Connect I’ll appreciate it (it will help me to make it easier;)

I am planning to organize all results of the all competitions for the last years in a convenient way. Firstly I’ll add: running, trail running and road cycling. The next will be: MTB, triathlon, swimming, motorbikes, etc.